Detroit Local Section

of the American Chemical Society

Women Chemists Committee

Detroit Section WCC offer women chemists a local home to network and provide programs of interest. It has been active since 1993. Over the years, many programs, including panel discussions and workshops, have been organized. The current Committee Chair is Hulya D. Ahmed. Contact her at if you would like to volunteer to help, lead or for help.

The latest program was a joint program by two committees: the WCC and the Industrial Relations. The talk on presentation skills was held at the Lawrence Technical University in September 2010. The speaker was from a local Toastmaster group. About a half of 20 attendees was a group of college students with their instructor. A few members started the program by briefly talking about their careers and what they do at the chemical industry. It was a fun-filled evening, networking and learning.

We will be happy to hear from you, members and non-members. Your suggestions and programs are very important to us. More programs will be coming soon.

National ACS WCC Web Site

The ACS has more information pertaining to Women Chemists Committee Activites, including a Newslatter and Blog Site, at ACS Women Chemists Committee