Detroit Local Section

of the American Chemical Society

Project SEED

Project SEED helps economically disadvantaged high school students expand their education and career outlook. The program provides opportunities for students who historically lack exposure to scientific careers to spend 8 to 10 weeks conducting hands-on research with a scientist in academic, industry, and government research laboratories. The students work with scientists, who help them develop laboratory, written and oral skills as they discover that they are capable of conducting scientific research. Mentors also provide guidance, encouragement, and letters of recommendation for college. 


Final Report: Project SEED '14 American Chemical Society Detroit Section

This year’s Project SEED (Summer Educational Experience for Disadvantaged Students) program provided Detroit area students the opportunity to get involved with advanced research at Wayne State University (WSU), directed by select faculty known as preceptors. 

This year’s program placed four students to this experience via an initial application solicitation period, a selections committee interview, along with supporting structures such as program promotion.  The four students were selected from a pool of nearly 35 submitted application packets.  The decision to support four students instead of five was due to the budgetary constraints based on funding allocated in support of the 2014 program.  

The structure of the program afforded participants the usual elements, see below.
• Students draft required research paper
• Developed posters
• Skills developmental workshops
o Lab safety
o Lab notebook
o Researching background information
o Research ethics
o Research poster design
• College Scholarships and Admissions counseling
o Presentations on the Top 10 Schools in students’ area of interest
o Developed a resume
Admissions: Student statement
o Presentations: Research updates
o Critique of sample research abstracts
o How to survive the first year of college
• Related field trips
o WSU Mini Summer Research Symposium
 Participants presented posters in the symposium’s poster competition.
 NIH BUILD @ Journal Club University of Detroit-Mercy
• Community service
o Student assistance in the Science Project Development Summer Camp for participants in grades 3 – 8th.  


This year’s participants


1).  Name: Ayesha Khanam
Career goals: Gastroenterologist and Nutritionist

Poster Title: Material Properties of Chitosan-Based Fibers and Fiber Embedded Scaffolds   

Faculty adviser: Dr. Howard Matthew

Research adviser: Alison Jacob

Department: Biomedical Engineering


2).  Name: Hamidul Islam
Career goals: Chemical Engineer
Poster Title: Pinacol Coupling Rate in Relation to Surface Area
Faculty advisor: Mathew Allen
Research Supervisor: Michael Cross
Department: Chemistry

3).  Name: Fahmida Ahmed

Poster Title: Finding Biomarkers for Autoimmune Diseases in DNA Polymerases based on SNPs

Faculty advisor: Andres Cisneros

Research Supervisor: Pavel Silvestrov

Department: Chemistry


4).  Sabbit Ahmed

Poster title:  Did not develop a poster

Research project: How to create a nanosecond -increment blinking LEDs

Faculty advisor:  Wen Li

Department: Chemistry

Detroit Project SEED would like to thank all of its financial contributors who made it possible to pay the students the $3,000 (level II) stipend. 

• ACS Local
• ACS National
• Detroit Public Schools


Lastly, the ACS Detroit Section Project SEED Committee would like to express its gratitude to Felicia Benson (DPS) for coordinating all aspects of the Project SEED activities before, during, and after the program, the Detroit Professional chapter of NOBCChE, as well as those professionals who volunteered for the interview committee as well as the preceptors who drive the program experience.   

Project SEED Budget 2014 Program


The accounting for the 2013 Program is complete.

(5 students eligible to return, but only 4 were selected due to budgeting)

4   @ $2,500   $10,000   Level I Fellowship awards

1 @ $1,200  $ 1,200   Administrative: Day to day coordinator
Total    $11,200


2014 Receipts


Section    $ 5,000
WSU: Poster printing $     280   WSU Summer Research Symposium
Detroit Public Schools $       00*   - $2,500: Needs to be processed
National  $ 6,200   All financial support from national received
 Total  $13,000

(*) Denotes; the impending receipt of the support of the 2014 program from the Detroit Public Schools.  Once received, these funds will be sent to the section treasurer for processing.  

Project SEED 2015 Projections
(Four Participants)

Challenges – In terms of the rough numbers, presented in support of the four students, it will be written for the full structure as implemented in past couple of years.   As of 2012, the projected numbers no longer include preceptor rebates or the administrative cost.  However, due to my obligations a project coordinator position has been added.  The coordinator oversees the day to day functions of the program as well as pre-program elements.  This cost is presented in the overall budget, but is not reflected in the cost to the section.  This year’s expenses will be only student stipends paid via the section’s treasurer.  Per usual, the program is always looking for outside funds and will keep the E-board aware of this status. 
Currently, three of the four students are eligible to return as level (II), in 2015.   All of these students have expressed interest in a Summer 2015 experience. 

List of ACS Detroit Section: Project SEED Students
Over the Past 21 years
(1992 - 2013)

 Name     Major    College/School
 1.   Kasuan Watkins (1st)   NA    NA
 2.   Brandon Knox (1st & 2nd)*  Business    Wayne State
 3.   Terica Holston (1st, 2nd & 3rd)*  Chemistry   Wayne State
 4.   Geoffrey Young (2nd & 3rd)*  Education   UDM
 5.   Muneka Townes (2nd)*   Chemistry   U of M
 6.   ManSon Williams (3rd)*   Chem. Engineer   Western
 7.   Jason Andrews (3rd)   Science Ed.   Wayne State
 8.   Mikah Binion (4th & 5th)   Education   Michigan Tech.
 9.   Josef Cadwell (4th)*   Chemistry   Wayne State
10.   Tyran Christian (4th)*   Chemistry   Wayne State
11.   Salika Whitfield (4th & 5th)*  Biochemistry   Michigan State
12.   Lakisha Johnson (3rd & 4th)*  NA    Lewis College
13.   Phillip Caldwell (5th)*   Chem. Engineer   North Carolina
14.   Tiffany Oliver (5th)*   Biochemistry   U of M
15.   Kennith Williams (5th)   Chemistry   Wayne State
16.   De Andre Davis (5th)   NA    NA
17.     Olushakin Olojo (6th)*   ChE    Wayne
18.     Hugh Freguson (6th)*   Engineering   U of M
19.     Jade Dobbins (6th)*   Biology    Spellman
20.     Duane Wilson  (6th)*   Chemistry   U of M
21.     Candace Shepherd (6th, 7th & 8th)* ChE    Western
22. Chinyere Knight  (7th, 8th & 9th)*  Chemistry   Howard
23. Martina Sanders-Spight (7th, 8th & 9th)* Chemistry**    Emory
24.   Maya Cadwell (7th & 8th)*  Biology    U of  M
25.   Sherrise Butler  (7th)*   Chemistry   Columbia
26.      Godwin Iduma (9th)*   ChE    Michigan Tech
27.   Angela  Dozie (9th, 10th & 11th)  Nursing    Wayne State
28. Ebony Pitts (9th)    Nursing    Wayne State
29. Kimberly Golden (9th)   Pre-med    Grand Valley State
30.   Vincent Iduma (9th, 10th & 11th)*  Chemistry**   Mich Tech
31.   Amina Wellons (10th)*   Psych    Clark-ATL
32.   Chavell Scott (10th & 11th)*  Pre-med    Xavier
33.   Mark Fleming (10th & 11th)  Business    Wayne State
34.   Othalene Collins (10th & 11th)  ECE    Western
35. Christian Anderson (11th)   NA    Olivet
36.  Herman Bolden (12th & 13th)  ECE    Wayne State 
37.   Roza Hassen (12th, 13th & 14th)*  Biochemistry   Wayne State
38. Mashkir Husain (12th)*   Biology    Wayne State
39. Crystal Martin (12th)*   Sports Medicine   Michigan State
40.   Sumaiyah Mu'Min (12th)*   Biology    Wayne State
41.   LaTisha Burrell  (13th)*   ECE    Tri-State College
42.  Jerrard Adams  (13th & 14th)  Business Adm   Wayne State
43. Sheterra Redd (14th)   Senior    Cass
42.   Jasmine Bentley (13th & 14th)*  Business     Michigan State
43.   Shuntaye McKinney (14th & 15th )  Chemistry   Wayne State
44. Rashad Echols (15th)   Business    U of M
45.  NaKisha Rutledge (15th & 16th)*  Senior    Renaissance
46.   Sheniece Greene (15th & 16th)  Neuroscience   Johns Hopkins
47. Tenira Townsend (15th)*    Pre-pharmacy   Oakland
48.   Jasmine Reese (16th)   Senior    Cass Tech
49. Jasmine Harris (16th & 17th )  Senior    Osborn
50. Kafah Hussien (16th)   Senior    Edsel Ford
51.   Rio Cain (17th)    Engineering   U of M
52.   Niya Shannon (17th)   Freshmen   U of M-Ann Arbor
53.   Tyler Mattic (17th & 18th)   Chemistry   Univ of Toledo
54.   Atif Hashwi  (17th)   Junior    Country Day
55.   Ali Beydoun (18th)   Biology    U of M-Dearborn
56.   Eric Robinson   (18th)   Senior    Detroit Arts & Sci
57.   Antoinette Mordi(18th)    Chemistry   UDM
58.    Islam (18th & 19th)   Biochemistry    U of M
59.   Hannan Yahya (19th)   Biological Science  U of M
60.   Syed Haque (19th)   Chemical Engineering  U of M
61.   Brandon Perry (19th)    Senior    Kettering
62.  Malaysha White (20th  & 21st)   Freshmen   MSU
63.   Nadim Bari (20th  & 21st)   Freshmen   U of M
64.   Mumtahena Kadir (20th  & 21st)  Freshmen   U of M
65.   Farjana Alam (20th)   Sophomore    U of M
66.   Al Tahbee Hassan (20th  & 21st )  Biochemistry   Wayne State
67. Sabbir Ahned (22nd)   Biochenistry   Wayne State
68. Hamidul Islam (22nd)   Senior     Cass Tech
69. Fahmida Ahmed (22nd)   Senior    Cass Tech
70.   Ayesha Khanam (22nd)    Senior    Cass Trach