Detroit Local Section

of the American Chemical Society

A List of Midgley Award Winners


2009Stanford Ovshinsky Ovshinsky Innovation, LLC
2004Dr. Galen B. FisherDelphi Research
2003Dr. David P. ChockFord Motor Co
2002Dr. Donald StedmanUniv of Denver
2001David EddyDelphi Research
1998Dr. Edward KresgeExxon Chemical Co
1996:Dr. John Gerlock Ford Motor Co
1995Dr. Charles. Tuesday Gen Mtrs Corp
1994Dr. John F. Marsh Exxon Chemical Co
1993Dr. C K. Westbrook Lawrence Liverrnore 
1992Mr. J P Miknevich Calgon Corporation
1991Dr. Ray A. Dickie Ford Motor Co
1990Dr. Byron Hunter Uniroyal Chemical 
1989Mr. K E. Atkins Union Carbide Corp
1988Mr. A W Kennedy Diamond Shamrock 
1987Dr. Daniel W Fox General Electric
1986Dr. Carl Keith Englehard Corp 
1985Dr. Abner Brenner NIST
1984Dr. James Hinkamp Ethyl Corporation
1983Dr. Hans Wirtz Bayer AG
1982Dr. Alfred Marzocchi Owens Corning 
1981Dr. Joseph Kummer Ford Motor Co
1980Mr Aubert Coran Monsanto Corp 
1979Dr. Paul Morgan E I duPont
1978Dr. S E Horne Jr B F Goodrich Co
1977Dr.M R Barusch Chevron Research 
1976Dr. F P Baldwin Exxon Chemical Co
1975Dr. J T Patton Jr BASF Corp
1974Dr. J F Hyde Dow Corning Corp
1973Dr. W M LeSuer Lubrizol Corp
1972Dr. R G Rieser PPG Industries
1971Dr. H Brown Udylite Corp
1970Dr. W L Semon B F Goodrich Co
1969Dr. G E F Brewer Ford Motor Co
1968Dr. A M Collins E I duPont Co
1967Dr. S B Twiss Chrysler Corp
1966Dr. S M Caldwell Uniroyal Inc
1965Dr. T A Boyd Gen Mtrs Corp