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The Midgley Award, founded in 1965, is presented to a scientist or engineer for outstanding research contributions in the field of chemistry related to the automotive industry.  The Midgley Award is presented to the recipient at a special program held in his/her honor.  The Award consists of a medal and a $1000 honorarium from the Brewer Endowment Fund.


The Award is named in honor of Thomas Midgley Jr., former Vice President of Ethyl Corporation.  Midgley was one of the most creative, far seeing scientists of his time.  Thomas Midgley contributed to several innovations during his life including:


·       Improved understanding of engine knock in gasoline engines and the development of antiknock compounds for use in gasoline.

·      Developed a process to extract bromine from sea water.

·      He was part of a team of scientists who discovered the first fluorocarbon based refrigerants (FREON).

·      He extended the knowledge of the chemistry of vulcanization and of the fundamental composition of natural and synthetic rubbers.


Thomas Midgley was active in the American Chemical Society for 25 years.  During his lifetime he served as a Director for 14 years, as Chairman of the Board of Directors for 10 years, and as President in 1944. 


The Detroit Section of the American Chemical Society is proud to present the Midgley Award to outstanding automotive scientists and engineers.

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