Detroit Local Section

of the American Chemical Society


The Association of Analytical Chemists

The Association of Analytical Chemistry, Anachem, is a non-profit  organization dedicated to the general welfare and education of analytical chemists and to the advancement of the theory and practice of analytical chemistry as a profession. The concept of an organization to further and to support analytical chemists and chemistry was conceived by a group of twenty Detroit area chemists in 1941. Activities include meetings, annual and  monthly and social events.

There are 2 classes of membership in Anachem, Full and Student. Requirements for membership are

( a.) A college or university degree in chemistry.

( b.) Two years of college chemistry or equivalent and 3 years of experience in
analytical chemistry or a closely allied area.

( c.) Matriculation as a chemistry major at a college or university.

Anachem was incorporated in 1942 and has been continuously active since then. The organization membership ranges from 200 to 250 active members. It is one of the largest and most active specialized groups of chemists in southeastern Michigan. From 1942 until 1953, only monthly activities were scheduled. Starting in 1953 an annual meeting was held as well. The 1953 Anachem Conference was a one day meeting and drew approximately 100 attendees. The Conference incorporated the presentation of the Anachem Award. With the exception of 1955, the award has been given annually. It is based on service to analytical chemistry through research, administration, teaching or other activities which advance analytical chemistry as a profession. In 1956, because of increasing popularity, the meeting was expanded to two days and included an exhibition of laboratory equipment. In 1960, the meeting was again expanded, this time to three days including exhibits. At its peak, it drew 1000 attendees, had seven concurrent sessions and 100 exhibitors. In 1972, for many reasons the Association joined with several other groups to form FACSS.

FACSS, the Federation of Analytical Chemical and Spectroscopy Societies is a national organization formed when the proliferation of regional meetings threatened to overwhelm available resources. The original founding organizations were the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, the Analytical Instrument Division of the Instrument Society of America, the Eastern Analytical Conference, The Analytical Division of the American Chemical Society, the Midwestern Analytical Conference and Anachem.

The presentation of the annual Anachem Award is now made at the annual FACSS meeting. In order to minimize conflicts the Anachem Conference was reduced to one day and renamed Anachem Symposium. It continues to be well attended and serves as a local medium for the exchange of ideas and socializing for analytical chemists in the Detroit metro area.

Activities of Anachem encompass a wide variety of opportunities for the Analytical Chemist within either Anachem or FACSS technical, administrative and social areas, if one is so inclined.

For example:

1. Monthly meetings are held with the exception of June, July and August. These meetings cover a wide range of topics of interest to the analytical chemist. An informal dinner usually takes place after meetings and provides a chance to exchange information and views with the speaker and other attendees. Several meetings in a given year are tours or include tours of laboratories or other industrial and academic facilities.

2. The Annual Anachem Symposium is a one day meeting held in the Fall of the year and includes plenary lectures, technical sessions, an instrument exhibit and a mixer-poster session.

3. The Anachem Fellow Award is presented annually to a member(s) for long time service to the Association. It is presented at the Fellow Award Dinner held each spring and presents an opportunity for socializing.

4. Many members participate in activities within the organizational structure of Anachem or FACSS. If a member is interested, there are many areas in which to participate in the day to day operation of either Society.

The Anachem is affiliated with the Detroit Section of the American Chemical Society. Both groups have always been closely allied and traditionally approximately half of the Anachem members have also been full members of the American Chemical Society. The formal affiliation, however,  took place in 1953 when  changes were made in the various Bylaws and Constitutions affiliating  the two groups officially. The Anachem were to be a kind of special interest group acting as the Analytical Chemical wing of the Detroit Section. Thus, both governing boards each can have up to members from the second group to act as liaison and several meetings each year are planned jointly. Members of Anachem are automatically non-voting members of the Detroit Section.


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