Detroit Local Section

of the American Chemical Society

The Detroit Section of the American Chemical Society is proud to announce the winner of the 2012 Thomas Midgley Award:


Dr. Gregory A. Merkel

Research Fellow

Corning Incorporated

Dr. Merkel is being recognized as one of the leading experts on the fundamental chemistry and materials science of ceramic honeycomb substrates for catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters.  Corning scientists received the 2003 National Medal of Technology Award for the pioneering catalytic converter substrates in the 1970’s, and Dr. Merkel’s  contributions over the last 24 years have played a central role in moving these technologies forward.  Dr. Merkel has been granted 42 patents in the field, and is an inventor on most of the base patents covering Corning’s more-recently commercialized environmental products.  He has shared his expertise in more than a hundred technical reports and papers, and has mentored many young scientists.

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