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Kids and Chemistry of the Detroit Local Section of the American Chemical Society is a science enrichment program for the entire Metro Detroit Area which covers Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties but are not limited to these counties.  We are looking for a Saturday morning place where children from the community can sign up in advance to have a chance to have an experience in science and hopefully spark an interest at a young age.   We have done events at schools, science centers, tutoring centers at churches and would like to hear about more opportunities to try and reach more children.  We have had two events in the inner city of Detroit that are no longer active due to the closing the facilities and we would like to try to get back to the inner city of Detroit if possible. Again, the tri-county area is our main focus but we have gone outside of these counties in the past.  Thanks for your interest and we look forward to working with you to educate 9-12 year old children in science.

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